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MArteLive Italia is the project that replicates and ramifies in the other regions the experience of MArteLive, that starting from the Competition and from the format of Lo Spettacolo Totale, has made of multidisciplinarity a cultural organism, a pole of development of projects and supply of services linked to culture, unique in Italy and also in Europe. Above all, this way of involving the regions, allows us to go deep into the national artistic panorama looking for artists and operators that we could not find on our own and creating for them a real opportunity to show off at national and European level.

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The role of the organizational units

The organizational units of MArteLive Italy 
– organize the contest at regional level and the pre-selection events
– manage the regional MArtePoint and the ticket office with MArteTicket   
– They organize the courses designed by FormazioneLive at local level.
– Organize ScuderieMArteLive special projects
– Sell ScuderieMArteLive shows and events
– Manage the sale of MArteShop merchandising at the local level
– Correspondents of MArteMagazine 
– Accounting consulting and services with local MArtePress customers
– They manage the distribution of flyers and posters on behalf of MArteAttack at the local level.


MArteLive Art Contest

MArteLive was born in 2001 as an original format of multidisciplinary show that our artistic director and founder Giuseppe Casa likes to call “multi-artistic”.
The soul and the center of our project are the young artists who every year participate in our artistic contests winning numerous opportunities and prizes that our team offers thanks to the fantastic partners who have believed in our project for years.
Each art is represented in the 16 sections that are the basis of the format MArteLive and the best artists selected every two years participated in the great final event of the BIennaleMArteLive.


The Biennial MArteLive is a tidal wave of events and culture that every two years falls on Lazio in December with epicenter Rome.
For each edition will perform about 1000 Italian and international artists for a total of over 300 shows in about 70 locations scattered throughout the regional territory of Lazio.

The beating heart of the event is MArteLive lo Spettacolo Totale in its historical format that since 2011 with the Biennial has seen a successful evolution on a regional scale.